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Pam gets it! She is a teacher by nature, so not only did she assimilate all of the crazy input of obscure information I handed her, she nailed what I have known intuitively for years. She clearly communicated to me what my body has been trying to have me understand. She knows body speak! And there is more...! Moving forward, she will continue to hone in on exactly what the issues are and find the distinct solution, identified with comprehensive lab tests, to offer a personalized protocol.

Jami A.

Pam was very instrumental at helping me return to good health. I developed a problem we're I became sensitive to many chemicals and molds. I was having problems with indoor environments and my body could not tolerate what a healthy person could. Prior to working with her and her team I spent three years with no direction and an increasingly shrinking world. As a result of her direction and being dedicated to the protocols my body returned to a healthy state. She did what conventional medicine doctors could not do and now I know how to take better care of myself.

Joe Z.

Pam has been helping me with autoimmune issues at The Healing Sanctuary for about four years. If I could, I would name her as my primary care physician. I wish western medicine doctors had the same caring attitude as Pam does. She not only treats, she educates. I never feel as though she has to rush off to her next appointment. She spends time questioning and actually listening to me. Pam is always encouraging even when I fail myself. I truly feel we are partners in health care.

Bev S.

If you want to improve your overall health, have more energy, sleep better, and stop living in the dark about how your personal body functions, you have to meet with Pam Jacobson! She explains everything in a way that makes it easy for you to understand, then puts a plan together that makes sense, and allows you to follow it without completely rearranging your life. I'm feeling better everyday!

Carrie C.

I met with Pam Jacobson and she is extremely knowledgeable and caring. She took the time to really listen to me and came up with possible solutions to my health issues that many doctors had overlooked. Pam has a strong desire to help people get healthier. Pam looks at the whole person and how all of your symptoms are related.

Susan V.

Everyone knows going through chemotherapy is tough- for me having Pam as a consultant was what I needed- having Pam around with her wisdom and knowledge was a perfect addition to alleviate some symptoms and prepare me better mentally, emotionally and physically for every infusion session. Her practice is so calming, positive, welcoming and relaxing.

Shiva J.

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