About Pam Jacobson

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Pam's passion is helping others create their own unique roadmap to their "Perfect Health". Having faced her own health challenges and unable to find answers in conventional treatment, Pam left a career as an oncology nurse to pursue a more "whole person" approach to getting and staying well.

With over 39 years in healthcare, Pam's professional training, credentials and licensing include:

  • Conventional nursing in women's health and oncology

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) where she is masters trained as well as licensed at both the national and state level

  • Functional & Regenerative medicine where she studied in a 4 year fellowship and earned her Board Certification in 2016

​​​​​​​Utilizing the latest in health optimization and laboratory technology as well as her vast experience in health and wellness care, Pam addresses a wide variety of issues including aging, management of disease and cancer recovery.

Pam is able to work with clients nationwide. Regain your health and vitality! Call Pam today to schedule a brief phone call to discuss your goals and get your questions answered.

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