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Meditation Helps you Get and Stay Well

I tell every one of my patients that, in order to get and stay well they MUST adopt a daily stress response management program. I provide a list of things that qualify as "stress response management" tools, most of which my patients have never done and perhaps have never even heard of. The feedback I often receive is, "I exercise to manage my stress"...

Radical Remission Revisited

In a previous post, I introduced Dr. Kelly Turner's groundbreaking research published in her book "Radical Remission." Spanning a 10 year period, Dr. Turner interviewed over 250 people with stage 4 terminal cancer who survived against all odds...

Is Stress Making You Sick?

Stress in humans results from interactions between a person and their environment that they perceive as threatening to their well-being on either a conscious or subconscious level.

Nutrition & Cancer

 In her book "Radical Remission", Dr. Laura Turner states that we all have the ability to tap into the natural resources within us to not only heal our body but prevent disease...

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