Cancer Recovery & Prevention

Cancer Recovery & Prevention

I was trained as an oncology nurse in my early career in healthcare. As I transitioned over the years to a more functional/integrative approach in my practice, I remained passionate about helping those diagnosed with cancer.

I bring many tools to the table in supporting my clients through their journey including the wisdom of Chinese medicine and the power of functional medicine, which I’m board-certified to practice. I am also an active student at the American Institute for Integrative Oncology and continually update my knowledge on the latest integrative and functional approaches available for my clients.

​​​​​​​I have helped many of my clients successfully manage their disease by supporting their body to regain its natural ability to balance and heal itself, regardless of what other treatments they may be receiving, it has been widely accepted and now a recently released study has shown that an integrative approach that considers the “whole” person rather than just their diagnosis, is the key to success in helping people better manage their cancer journey.

​​​​​​​If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer, is currently being treated for cancer or is recovering after treatment, I can help. Fill out the form below to schedule a brief call with me so I can better understand your goals and answer your questions.

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